Faith in Construction

Faith's Wood Fired Oven

This oven has been both a challenge as well as a passion for Faith.  The spherical design, built with regular
rectangular fire brick, presents its own level of required expertise in masonry construction as well as
mathematical calculations of the size requirements for each piece.  The end result is a unique custom oven
that will deliver years of enjoyment and will be a centerpiece of social engagements.

An initial firing took place in early November, producing a couple of pizzas and some loaves of bread.  That
was a day of learning!  However, everything was edible and the day was considered a success!  But at that time,
the layer of ceramic insulation had not yet been applied to the outside of the oven.  This is a key feature
that allows for the retention of a lot of heat.  On Saturday, November 13, all was in place for some serious
baking.  Forty loaves were readied, 10 each of 4 different kinds of bread.  There was a rye, a whole wheat,
a Vermont Sour Dough, and Baggets!  With some help from friends, the loaves were loaded into the oven,
one kind at a time.  I'm sure by now most all of the results have been consumed!!  The oven performed so
well that even the next day the interior temperature was still over 300 degrees!  This tremendous heat
capacity will allow its use for many other types of baking for many hours long after the initial wood firing.


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