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Log Home Repair and Restorations

This home, owned by the Brinson's, was purchased a couple of
years ago.  Sadly, the home had not been cared for previously and
was found to be infested with log eating bugs.  In addition, it
had not been sealed and stained properly so that some of the
logs on a shaded side were wet and rotten.  Faith in Construction
took on this project and the rotten logs were replaced or repaired.
Several of the trim boards were also replaced.Then, the entire
house was cleaned, sealed, and stained.  The old chinking was
replaced, and three of the windows which were drafty and ill fitting
were replaced with new ones.  Now the home looks fresh and new!

To see more picture of this restoration, click:  Brinson

Sometimes repairs can be smaller jobs.  In this home, the logs to the
left that were originally installed became bowed and bent over time, creating a bad appearing joint.  The log home supplier sent new
logs, this time cut differently to avoid the original problem,
and had Faith in Construction make the needed replacements. 
The new logs were then stained to match the original so that
the repairs simply disappeared.

To see more pictures of this repair, click:  Jones
For this last example of a home restoration project, Faith in Construction
was asked to look at a recently purchased home which had been leaking
water through the walls when it rained.  At first, it seemed that the chinking
had not been applied correctly when the home was built and it would be
a straight forward repair, that of removing the old chinking and replacing
it with new.  However, it quickly became obvious that when the home was
constructed, the logs were installed up side down!!  The profile of the log
was actually channeling water into the home!  Because of this, the job then
expanded to include removing the outside lip of the log that was helping to
trap water before the home was completely caulked and re-chinked.  In
addition, the window trim was replaced and the windows and doors
properly flashed so that water would not enter from around the windows. 
The end result was a home that is now dry inside with a nice new look.

We hope to have pictures of the finished home soon.

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