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Completed Log Homes


Faith in Construction finished the "Dry In" contract with The Smith's
on their home in September 2006.  This was a
Turman Log Home.
The Smith's elected to complete the finish work themselves.  Here
are a couple of views of their home after much of it had been stained.

To see more pictures of this home, click:  Smith Log Home

This Turn-Key home, belonging to The Angle's was completed
 in September 2007.  There were many special alterations
 made to the original Turman Log Home, which was listed as their
 Franklin Model.  All of the handrails were made on site to the
needed size and length.  The sun room was a nice added feature.

To see more pictures of this home, click:  Angle Log Home

This home, belonging to The Wescott's was made with logs
from Southland Log Homes.  Even though many logs supplied in
pre-cut kits do not need to be altered, there are a number of
logs that still require special cuts.  Faith in Construction owns
a large log saw for this custom work.   As this home is located

along the scenic New River, extra work was required for the
foundation. This home was completed in May 2008.

To see more pictures of this home, click:  Wescott Log Home
 The "Dry In Plus" contract on this home, owned by  for the Benson's
was completed in July 2008.  This home was made of lineal logs
from Daniel Boone Log Homes.  Lineal logs are not pre cut.  Every
log had to be measured to length and cut to order in the field.  This home
represents the ultimate in field customization, with the roof system altered to
feature a full cathedral wood paneled ceiling throughout the second floor. 
The heavy timber second floor system was cut by hand and assembled using a
dove tail notch.  The owners intend to finish the interior themselves.

To see more pictures of this home, click:  Benson Log Home

This sizable home was completed for the Cambell's near Fort Chiswell
Virginia in the summer of 2009.  Unfortunately, because there was a press
to finish on schedule, photographs towards the end were somewhat
 limited.  None the less, the home has a standing seam roof installed by
Faith in Construction that followed a complex roof system.  Inside there was
a full cathedral ceiling, office space in the basement, and a large kitchen.

To see more pictures of this home, click:  Campbell Log Home

Faith in Construction has finished the new home for the Baldridge's in Patrick
 County Virginia with the Certificate of Occupancy approved in the fall
of 2010.  Since the photograph was taken at about that time, other features
including rail fencing have been added.  Wow, this place has a view! 

To see more pictures of this home, click:   Baldridge Log Home.

Faith in Construction finish this Southland Log home for the Trail's

in Pulaski County in the late fall of 2013.  Overlooking the New River,
this home has a breath taking view.

To see more picture of this home, click:  Trail Log Home

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