A blank slate.

The home site cleared.

Flags for excavation.

The excavation.

The Daniel Boone logs delivered to Faith's Property.

Additional excavation.

Kenny King preparing
the foundation footers.

The foundation is ready for concrete!

View from above.

Pumping Concrete!

Soft Shoulder!

Finishing the Top.

After the forms have been stripped.

The floor system.

Finished Deck.

Loading the Logs.

Arriving at Job Site.

Linear logs
on the Deck.

Log Profile.

Hand Cut
Corner Details.

No work today!

Ron and Susann.

The logs going up.

Susann looking out the front window.

Ron pitching in!

From the backside.

Hand Cut

Hand Cut
Beam Dovetail.

Log Gable.

Single person 9:1 rope haul system

Special Roof
Support System.

The Prow!

Retaining Wall.

Carpenter's helpers!
Faith in Construction was brought back to install the tongue and groove ceiling.  The owners intend to complete the trim.