The Beginning!!  Placing the Basment Walls

The Trucks Keep Coming!

Beginning the Floor Trusses

Ain't Machinery Great?

Kathleen, Dean, and Steve placing the trusses.

Kathleen and Faith.

Kathleen and Steve
Measuring for the Stair Opening.

Bringing the Floor Sheeting.

Dean.  What can we say?  Loved working on his own home so
much that he's still on the job here!

Moving the sheeting into place.

Nail guns are such a work saver!

Ooops!  The "snake" moved too fast and got accidentally nailed!!

The Logs Arrive!!

Placing that critical First Run!

This takes some time, but the rest of the house depends upon it!

Gene behind the log stack overlooks the progress.

A view from the front of the house.

The crew is closing over the windows and doors.

This is another "critical" time. When that first run on the bottom is placed just right, then the rest fit nicely as this one does!

Framing the interior walls.

Dean and Donna at work.

The loft heavy timber floor system.

The trusses are ready to place.

Big Day!!
Flying in and setting the trusses!

Adding the rafters over the loft.

Placing the gable roof overhangs.

Stacked up!

The rafters are finished.  Next, sheeting the roof!

Sheeting the dormer roof.

Ahh . . . The Job Supervisors!!

The roof is sheeting and has a protective layer of tar paper.

View from the "front".

Interior loft area.  To the right, up a step or two, is another neat room!  Not to worry, there will be windows
framed and installed in this area soon!

The decks are added.

The Porch Columns.

Sheeting the porch roof.

Laying the loft floor.

Finishing the gable ends.

Now, for the metal roof

Steve and Kathleen up high.

The finished metal roof.

Spray foam insulation.

Very heat efficient.


The Finished Home!

View from the back door.

The loft over the kitchen.

The loft and sewing area upstairs.


Custom center island.

Stairs to the loft.

Custom handrails and railings.

The loft and sewing area.

View from the sewing area.

Custom window molding.

View down from the
sewing area.

Guest bedroom.


Master Bedroom.

Master Bath.

Back porch.

Front porch.

Another front porch.

Basement stairs.

Basement stairs from below.

Out the library window.


Bath in basement.

Custom drain.

Front stair case.

View of rear of house.

A southward view

Front of the house.