Faith in Construction

Construction Equipment

UNIT 357  -  Primary Construction Truck

Unit 357 is the day to day workhorse of the company.  It's job
 is to pull the construction trailers and to get to the job site daily. 
The truck is a Chevrolet 3500 crew cab with a Duramax diesel
engine and Allison transmission.  This truck was purchased for
its increased fuel economy in these cost conscious times.

UNIT 655  -  Backhoe
This 655D backhoe has all the bells and whistles, including a 4 in 1
bucket with forks for material handling, the "Extend-a-hoe" option
which allows a further reach with the hoe, and 4 wheel drive.  This
will enhance our excavating as well as material handling capabilities.

UNIT 144  -  Work Truck

UNIT 121  -  Work Truck

UNIT 327  -  Construction Trailer

UNIT 165  -  Construction Trailer

UNIT 310  -  Flat Bed Trailer

UNIT 320  -  Flat Bed Trailer

UNIT 350  -  Dump Truck